Ultrasonic welding applied in the various industries

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Automotive ( transportation)

Ultrasonic wave can control the welding of large and irregular workpiece by computer programs. For example: bumper, front and rear door, lamps, stop light and so on. With the development of high grade road, reflector are increasing adopt ultrasonic welding.


Through the appropriate adjustments, ultrasonic welding can apply in portable fluorescent lampshade, steam, TV shell, recorder transparent panel, power rectifier, screw seat of TV,  lamp body of mosquito repellent, dewatering tank of washing machine, etc. Which appliances need seal, fastness and beautiful.


Sealing of tube and connection of special packing belt.

Toy industry

Because of ultrasonic technology, leading the products clean, efficiency and fastness, do not need to use screw, binder, glue or other auxiliaries. Which reduce the production costs and enhance the competitiveness.


Applying automatic design to make the production in a large scale, and ensure the products quality at the same time.


From communication equipment, computer industry, printing equipment to audio-visual product, all can adopt ultrasonic equipment. Which will bring you convenient, clean, and efficient production mode, and create more opportunities for you.

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