Precondition of welding of ultrasonic welding machine--------the design of the plastics

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Precondition of welding of ultrasonic welding machine--------the design of the plastics

The design of plastics must take the following factors into consideration:

① the size of welding line

② whether need watertight or airtight

③ whether need perfect appearance

④ avoid melting of plastic and spill of compound

⑤ whether suitable for welding head processing requirement


Welding quality can be controlled by the following factors:

① material

② structure of plastics

③ position and design of welding line

④ size of face of weld

⑤ position and degree of tightness of upper and lower surfaces

⑥ contact surface between welding head and plastics

⑦ smooth welding path

⑧ the support from die block

Aiming to reaching perfect and repeatable way of fusion welding, it must obey three main design directions:

① the initial contact surfaces must guarantee the smallest size, which in order to integrating the energy and reducing the energy when doing fusion welding.

②  find out suitable fixed and aligned method, for exampleplastics socket, steps, groove and so on.

③ the face of welding around the joint face must be uniform and close to each other, if possible, making the contact faces in the same level and that can guarantee the consistency when doing energy conversion.

Ultrasonic welding machine must guarantee the plastic injection tools in favor of welding of ultrasonic welding machine first. Only after that can reach the requirements of welding. Therefore, the operation precondition of ultrasonic welding machine is the design of injection tools. Good injection tool is a necessary condition of welding.


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